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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
отель 'Стар юэ' (Joyful Star Hotel (Shanghai Chenyang)), отель расположен на проспекте утреннего солнца в городе Пудонг - чабан, в центре города, вокруг много ресторанов, развлечений, магазинов и других мест.рядом с отелем есть санья порт - оф - шорный курорт, агрономический сад, дом - музей Чжан вэньтянь, дом - музей хуаньтянь, город сычуань, дикий зоопарк и другие туристические достопримечательности, около 5 км от поселка Вознесения Флоренция, около 15 км от города Дисней.Это Шанхайской звезды приятный отель с ограниченной ответственностью бизнес - быстро отель, украшение и комфорт, есть все виды номеров более чем на семьдесят, в номере все удобства.гостиница предлагает гостям места для стоянки, удобство для друзей.Кроме того, гостиница предоставляет услуги по приему в аэропорт Пудуна и Дисней (подробную информацию можно получить у консалтинговых фирм).
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  • oldleo
    Hotel front desk very friendly. insufficient room was too noisy, other satisfactory
  • angus0012
    Easy dry cleans the quiet, nearby restaurants, Grocery store, hair shop, mobile phone shop has everything, next to the Bank, car Shuttle, the only drawback is that some neutral no class car
  • P Piero J
    Very good, convenient
  • Ringbell
    Turn a good choice
  • alisoncai
    Is not clean anything good, Ah, Ah
  • anrui731
    Free airport transfers, is convenient entered when estimating staff too tired, attitude is not very good, the checkout staff is enthusiastic, more places to eat around, there are banks, more convenient!
  • Jordan20022008
    Help colleagues book, close to airport, very convenient
  • e02801727
    Location not too far away, the price is cheap.
  • itsme12
    Very good ~ ~ very convenient, many foreigners know that here there are many restaurants nearby, was really good.
  • lyp197032
    Around eating convenient, if you have one, go to the Pudong airport is also very convenient, a 10-minute drive
  • BirdyLynn
    Health and the surrounding environment is OK, service is not very good!
  • cl3410
    A 15-minute drive from the airport, airport transfer service. Of the Executive room, better than last time. Earlier than the Han court, is just a little bit like home. Towel, bath towel feels a bit old.
  • guweijie
    Hotel services were good, take airport bus drivers help with luggage are very enthusiastic! airport front desk check collection 15 pieces, are picking up free. check of ex-gratia room window is very small, but the bed was very comfortable. return next time will stay ... looks great!
  • nfgxyylx
    Well the second time
  • ferrari910
    Well, you can
  • e05128801
    Help a friend round bed room new decoration feels good
  • e00658847
    Transfer is very good, but the waiter (front desk) was so bad, especially store managers (man)
  • maggie_cn
    Nice car shuttle is convenient
    Cost-effective travel airport facilities choice
  • fsadee
    Very good, very clean, convenient, and night market
  • belvin
    Hotel pick up service, which is the most convenient drop, room temperature and the water temperature is also good, not too demanding, of course, looks like a towel between grey, bathroom a little water adversely ...
  • duanpeipei
    Guest bed with like, home place after the big round bed, great feeling, are located in relatively remote, but from Pudong airport, there are free shuttle bus to the airport, very good
    Good location, transfer to the airport takes 15 yuan/person, hotel in town, with supermarket and places to eat
  • afra_fei
    Cheap. position a bit.
  • elsapeng
    Too remote, nor even the taxis in this town, only black taxis also charge! is not near from the airport ... well-
  • e00158999
    Clean, good service
  • seancarrie
    Nice hotel, seat is good, there are limousine, catch an early flight of choice.
  • m04404829
    Every time I take a flight in the morning the night before. affordable places to eat around and a lot of
  • innyan
    24 hour pick-up service is attentive!
  • Graceji
    Lines. help a friend set, 24 hour Airport pick-up service, do not return to the hotel in the morning the next day, take a taxi directly to the Line 2 line air station only 20 bucks.
  • cary_vivian
    In addition to convenience, no
  • ally.lu
    Hotel bad Oh, around the country store, nothing to eat
  • pdmengcx
    Very convenient! environment can, cost-effective!
  • e04408657
    Close to airport
  • fromyan
    Since going to the airport to catch the flight, so book this hotel. not particularly near the airport location, but there are special buses to Pudong airport. free, sent to 15 yuan per person, stay free of charge for the second time. facilities, sanitation and facilities can only be used in General to describe. benefits for people who catch a plane.
  • e04425800
    Pick up and drop off service, integrated very well, food stalls downstairs at night, not many buses, Metro is a bit far
  • oya80
    Hotel is good
  • dylanfan
    Friend, in order to turn. it is convenient to, will stay again.
  • yangxuan8506
    See is set this hotel room has free WiFi and free airport transfer. But just know, pick up is free, but all from the T1. plane stops at T2 is going to push a lot of baggage comes, very painful, to psychological and physical preparation in advance. Airport charges, also received 15 Yuan. Arrived in the evening when the air conditioner does not heat, waited for half an hour and finally hot. breakfast ended 6-9.
  • e00774324
    There is a free bus at the airport, better than last year. the facilities are relatively new. breakfast is good, is one for hotels to the airport the next day.
  • xbjimmy
    There is nothing around the shuttle to the airport is convenient to the airport, under the transitional living
  • Londong
    Very good drops
  • jitingcao
    Very good, mainly close to airport and shuttle service, very convenient
  • coolaggie
    Catch a plane, so I chose to transfer from the airport, close, move in after the discovery, health is also good, and surrounding is the living area, eat more convenient, next time you go out, or will choose here
  • Jiangwenyuan138
    All right
  • bjm15
    Very nice hotel, clean, service very well, stay here next time
  • yilan3545
    Very good hotel, but the location is a little, from Pudong airport to 32 blocks in the past, but the environment is very good, liked the star's hotel.
  • cf521029
    From the free access to the hotel. the ointment was sent to the airport to pay for it.
  • e01102779
    Under good are mosquitoes more attention
  • epan14
    Hotel is nice